Carpenteria meccanica


The mechanical carpentry includes all the activities necessary for construction, assembly and supply of artifacts that have a metal structure, both for civil and industrial use.

In the industrial sector our network produces structures or machinery parts and industrial plants, bases, tanks and much more.
In the civil sector our workshops produce supporting structures, shelters, canopies, internal and external staircases, indoor lofts, parapets, furnishing accessories, indoor and outdoor tables, frames, gratings, railings and fences.

The network designs and produces metallic carpentries on behalf of others, based on an analysis of the customer’s needs, which includes structural calculations, studies of the moving parts or subjected to inertia forces and 3d modelling.

Once the project is defined, according to the needs of the customer, the selected workshop will proceed to realize the product.

The companies of our Network make lightweight or heavy mechanical carpentry, by using steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, and thanks to a complete and technologically advanced fleet of machines and plants for:

  • Laser cutting for tubes, tubulars and sheets
  • HD plasma cutting for sheet metal
  • CNC Bending of tubes and tubulars
  • Robotized or manual welding
  • Assembly/Pre-assembly
  • Press brakes, punching machines and shears, calenders