Design / Realizzazione stampi


Our network can design and produce a wide variety of moulds, both for hot and cold working.

– Blanking Moulds –

Moulds for high thickness steel blanking, with presses up to more than 500 tons.
Progressive moulds enslaved by robotized manipulators that load and unload the sliced piece directly into containers.
Moulds for drawing and bending of steel brass, copper, aluminium and iron
Moulds with replaceable inserts

– Moulds for Plastics –

We give you technical support in all phases, from the offer to the realization of the mould, and we can suggest you economical opportunities, in harmony with the productive processes required.
Our mechanical workshops design and produce small, medium and large dimensions moulds for plastics, and help the customer in the choice of the most convenient material to be used.
For the moulds production they use last generation machines, to ensure you high precision, high standard quality, the total respect of your needs.

– Die Casting Moulds –

The network uses tonnage presses in order to produce, with the method of die-casting, parts made of aluminium, alloys or zamak, that will have a great precision and quality.

Our workshops can also deal with the piece already cast and work on it.

Depending on the material used it is possible to obtain very high precision, and there is the possibility to make surface conditions and galvanic treatments that further improve the accuracy of the product.