Taglio materiali


– Laser Cutting –

Our mechanical workshops have the most modern laser cutting plants and can reach the thickness of 20 mm. They also have automatic systems for loading and picking the metal sheet.

When necessary, systems for the process automation are available in the cutting and selection of the finished parts that manage the production flow from the load of the sheets to the unloading of each cut piece. The system is also able to select, move and stack the cut parts, arranging them for the next use.

For laser cutting of tubes and beams with round or square section, with bar lengths up to 6000 mm, our network uses automatic loaders and unloaders.

– Plasma Cutting –

Suitable for::

  • Light Carpentry
  • Fixtures
  • Forced air ducts
  • Car body panels
  • Road Transports Processing Workshops
  • Processes requiring a portability of the instrument
  • Metal waste disposal

– Water Cutting –

Sic2 network has water cutting machines. They are especially used with the materials that have great hardness and thickness.

This technique is ideal for the combination of different materials, such as stone and metal inlays or tiles and glass, for soft or very hard materials.